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I'm currently a junior at the University of Tulsa studying computer science. I had my first piano lesson when I was five and have been playing piano ever since. I didn't start playing video game music until relatively recently though, around 2001. I started out with just recording a few songs using sheet music I found on the Internet, or by writing it down by ear.

I didn't start actually arranging video game music for piano until I found about OverClocked ReMix a few years ago. At first, I didn't think I would be able to do a piano arrangement that was good enough for the site, especially compared to people like MC or Spekkosaurus. But then at some point, a guy called Blak_Omen posted on the forums asking for a pianist. I said I was interested, and he gave me the sheet music for a Super Mario RPG arrangement he called "Waltz of Pain." I added a few of my own touches, and the rest is history.

Besides my tracks on OCR, I've also contributed to the "Kong in Concert" and "Bound Together" remix projects, as well as the "Xenogears: Light" album from OneUp Studios. I'm also part of the upcoming Tales of Phantasia/Symphonia project "Summoning of Spirits" and Final Fantasy 7 project "Voices of the Lifestream," so be sure to check those out too when they're released!

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